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Home Room


The ASD unit known as the Home Room. This is a bright and welcoming room which is used by many of our students who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism is a neurological disorder where the person diagnosed processes information differently to many of their peers.  We opened our first ASD classroom in 2020 and our second one will open in August 2021. Each homeroom caters for up to 6 students with 2 SNA's designated to each ASD unit. The ASD Co-ordinator is responsible for the running of the Home Room and is the point of contact for students and parents.

The Home Room is a space where students with ASD receive academic support. This support allows students to access mainstream subjects.   Along with academic support, the students who access this room also gain social skills, life skills and communicative skills. Some of the students who access the Home Room participate in activities such as Art, fitness classes, relaxation time, cooking, gardening and music therapy. The students also learn and develop techniques and strategies which help them deal with stress and anxiety. The Home Room has a kitchenette area, TV and couch area, computer area, individual workstations, access to the fitness suite and a multisensory room that students can access during break times. 

Some of the students who access the Home Room complete L2L Programmes.  Through L2LP the students learn and develop their life skills. Trips and outings are an essential part of the Home Room as it allows students to gain confidence in dealing with day-to-day tasks such as buying items in shops and banking.