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Accelerated Reader

We are thrilled to be an Accelerated Reader school, as part of our school literacy development we have introduced the Accelerated Reader Programme for all 1st and 2nd Year students in Inver College. Books that cover all reading levels and interest are available in the newly renovated school library.


Reading is a timeless pleasure, and we hope in some way that we have fostered in our students a lifelong habit of reading and appreciation of how it can enhance and contribute to our general well-being.

How it works:

  • Students begin by taking an online reading test called a Star Reading Test. This provides a baseline reading age for students and identifies the zone of proximal development (zpd) which guides students to read books targeted at their individual ability and allowing them to develop as readers.

  • The ZPD Levels are numbered, and colour coded, making it easy to identify which books in the library to choose from.

  • Your child visits the library weekly and picks a book at his / her own level and reads it at his / her own pace. When finished, your child takes an online quiz on the selected book and is provided with immediate feedback.

  • Students respond to regular feedback and are motivated to make progress with their reading skills. 

Please note if unsure of your Accelerated Reader log in details or having difficulty logging in, please contact Ms. Mc Eneaney.

To take an Accelerated Reader Book Quiz click here or find video instructions to support completion of quiz here


Parental support:

  • Encourage your child to spend approximately 15 minutes reading each evening.

  • Encourage paired reading for reluctant readers.

  • Show an interest in your childs reading – ask what they are reading, who is the author, what their opinion is of the plot etc.

  • Encourage your child to use the school library in Room 1. The library is open three times a week for the first 20 minutes of lunch.

  • Students will need to have their AR book in their bag at all times. Please encourage them to read and return books on time for the system to work.

We await the captivating worlds and far away lands of multiple narratives in earnest!

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