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The School Crest


The scroll, quill and ink symbolise our school and our commitment as a centre of academic excellence.   The well represents our school, education, and teachers.  The ink represents out school curricula and the learning experiences, the students will achieve.  The quill represents the joint act of teaching and learning and the co-operation between our teachers and students. The scroll symbolises student achievement and success.

The mesh surrounding these symbols represent Carrickmacross Lace which the town became famous for in the 1840’s and owes much of its former prosperity.  Carrickmacross and its surrounding areas have long been associated with industry and industrious people.  Inver College has been central to much of its success.

The inner circle represents the well around which the town of Carrickmacross grew and for which Inver College gets its name.  Water is often taken for granted; it is a simple thing that sustains us but without it we cannot survive.  Inver Colleges’ sustainable development goals include good health and wellbeing, respect for our environment and partnerships with our community.

The four outside parts of the circle contain the Celtic Cross symbolising our links with our past and our traditions.  The arms of the cross offer an invitation to know nature, wisdom, goodness, and self.  The circles around the intersection of the cross represents unification, totality, wholeness, and inclusion.

The Fleur De Lis represents a Lily and remembrance.  It has a single stem from which three shoots arise which reminds us of our mission, our ability to adapt to the changing needs of the students we serve and our openness and agility in moving into the future.

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