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Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle is a three-year programme. It offers or students a range of exciting subjects as well as short courses to select from.

The Junior Cycle offers students, flexibility and equality, creativity and innovation, choice in their learning, engagement and participation continuity and development, an inclusive education while supporting their wellbeing.

Throughout the Junior Cycle the key skills imparted to our students are, managing myself, staying well, communicating, being creative, working with others, and managing information and thinking.

See for further details and latest updates.

All Junior Cycle subjects with their individual links are here:

Subjects on offer at our school In Junior Cycle are:

  • Irish

  • Geography

  • Science

  • Civics, Social & Political Education

  • Woodwork

  • Technology

  • English

  • French

  • Home Economics

  • Religious Education

  • Metalwork

  • Digital Media Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Business Studies

  • Music

  • Social, Personal & Health Education

  • Technical Graphics

  • Art

We also offer short courses in:

  • PE & Wellbeing

  • Enterprise Education

  • Digital Media Literacy

Note:  Provision is made for students who may not be able to take the full range of subjects.  A reduced timetable can be made available with learning support provided during the necessary times.

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