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Book Rental

To alleviate the cost of education Inver College is delighted to operate a book rental system for all junior cycle students. The book rental system is available to everyone.


The students rent all their textbooks, and these are supplied by Inver college with a school journal. The fee for the book rental scheme can be paid in the summer, prior to entering Inver College. Inver College will host a book collection day, where students are invited to attend the school to collect their required textbooks.


Students will pay a fee for the book rental scheme. The fee covers the cost of school insurance, school journal, photocopying levy, some materials required for subjects being taught, guest speakers, workshops, pre-examinations in third and sixth year and book rental for Junior school. This proves a substantial saving for parents.

In Inver College, we ask that parents and students ensure that rented books are well cared for and returned in good condition so that other students may also benefit from their use.

Our dual book scheme ensures that students are not required to bring their schoolbooks to school. This alleviates the problem of students carrying heavy school bags to school. In Inver College each of our classrooms has a full set of the relevant textbooks for student use during the school day. Students then have access to their books at home.

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