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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision in Inver College is an integral part of the continuum of support within the school. The main aim, in line with Inver College’s Mission Statement, is to help all students reach their potential within an inclusive school environment.

The SEN Department emphasises the individual needs of each student in our care. We appreciate that each student learns in different ways and at different rates so a variety of teaching methodologies are employed across the school and within the SEN Department.

The Board of Management, parents and teachers are committed to the creation of an inclusive, supportive learning environment for all students. 


Students identified as having Special educational needs are enabled to:

  • Access the curriculum

  • Participate fully in the school community

  • Acquire the basic personal, social and literacy and numeric skills needed for life

  • Experience success

  • Develop a positive self-image, self-confidence and self esteem


Meeting the needs and allocating support

In 2017, Circular 0014/2017, “Special Education Teaching Allocation introduced a revised model for allocating Special Educational Needs (SEN) resources to schools. This document and the, Guidelines for Post Primary Schools Supporting Students with SEN in Mainstream schools, produced in May 2017, by the Department of Education and Skills (DES), will be the guiding principles that will form the basis for support for students with SEN within Inver College.

We acknowledge that there is a spectrum of ability. In line with the New Model for Special Education Teaching Allocation – ‘the highest level of need should have access to the greatest level of support’.


There are three levels of support:

Level 1: Support for All: Whole school and Classroom support – this will focus on preventative and proactive approaches through testing, providing information for students, staff and parents, alongside whole class support.

Level 2: Support for Some: This will focus on providing school support for small groups and some individuals. This may be on a weekly timetabled basis, or short-term intervention.

Level 3: Support for a Few: This will provide individualised and specialist support for number of students with the greatest level of need, on a regular timetabled basis.

Assistive Technology Support for students with Special Educational Needs

Using Dictate in Microsoft Word, OneNote, Powerpoint


Using Immersive Reader in Word


Using Translate in Word


Using immersive reader in Microsoft Edge


How to open a PDF in Microsoft Word and then use Immersive Reader or Translate


Using Immersive Reader in OneNote


Using Translate in OneNote


Using Office Lens immersive reader for Android


Using Office Len immersive reader for iPhone

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