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Student Leaders

All of our students are encouraged to join in with the development of our school and this takes the form of different student organisations.

The Student Council consists of students elected from their classes and they attend monthly meetings.  The meetings are chaired by the Head Girl and Head Boy who are selected by their peers and the teaching staff.

The Gaisce Awards contribute to the development of young people through the achievement of personal challenges.

Other opportunities available to students are:

  • Student Newsletter

  • School Musical

  • School Choir

  • Yearbook Committee

Student Leaders

In Inver College our Student Leaders are a group of hardworking and dynamic students. Student Leadership involves giving our students an opportunity to take on a range of leadership skills. They are required to lead groups, plan events and support teachers, staff and students in Inver College.

They have applied for a position of leadership in our school, and they embrace many opportunities for school development. Our Student Leaders influence, motivate and guide our student body in the achievement of their goals.

Students in Inver College apply for the role of Student Leader, undergo an interview process and are awarded their position.

We thank our Student Leaders for all of the fantastic work they do. We acknowledge their valuable contribution, and we look forward to the growth of our Student Leader Team and their continued work.

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