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Microsoft Incubator School


Inver College is delighted to announce its selection as the first Microsoft Incubator School in Monaghan. This very prestigious title has been granted in recognition of the innovative work carried out by the teachers and students as they expand their teaching and learning practices using cutting edge Microsoft technology.  Inver College has shown commitment to school-wide transformation, and we have leveraged Microsoft’s Education Transformation Framework to drive a culture of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement. Our hard work is reflected in improved learning outcomes for their students and an increased focus on future-ready skills. Additionally, our dedication to education transformation has allowed these schools to effectively manage the transition to remote and hybrid learning scenarios during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Inver College now joins a group of premier schools from around the world who are focused on expanding their digital curriculum. Many of the teachers in Inver College have qualified as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and Microsoft Innovative Experts and have joined an elite group of forward-thinking Educators globally.  Being a Microsoft Incubator school places our students in a very advantageous position as it creates many possibilities for improved learning and prepares our young people for a wide variety of employment opportunities.

As an Incubator school Inver College plays a leading role in expanding digital competencies and provides training to teachers and students in other schools in Cavan and Monaghan ETB. Within Inver College many programmes are delivered with a strong reliance on IT and all LCA and TY students have been provided with new laptop computers for use in class and at home.

As stated in the school Mission Statement, the student is at the heart of everything Inver College does and, thanks to their partnership with a world-leading IT company, all students in Inver College receive training and qualifications in Microsoft Office Specialisms. Inver College has also introduced Junior Cycle Coding and Technology as subjects. As a result each Inver College student is now well placed to prepare for the twenty-first century STEM workplace.

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