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Tutor and Year Head System

In Inver College each of our year groups has the support of a designated Year Head. The Year head works hard to ensure that each student in the year group has all the supports they require, is following the Inver College Code of Behaviour and is working to the very best of their ability to achieve their full potential. The Year Head has an important and positive role to play in supporting students throughout their time in Inver College.

In each year group in Inver College students are further divided into tutor groups. This smaller group of students meet with their tutor each morning. Their tutor makes them aware of upcoming events and makes announcements pertaining to the school day. The tutor group, with their tutor will engage in lots of learning activities each morning. The entire year group has the opportunity of meeting together for their regular assembly. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate student success and furnish students with important updates.

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