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The John Aldridge Visit

Former Ireland and Liverpool legend, John Aldridge, visited Inver College in Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan on Monday 19th February,  bringing a wave of inspiration and encouragement to a very appreciative audience of students.

The renowned sports personality engaged in a heart-warming session with the students, sharing his experiences, life lessons and the importance of determination and perseverance.

The ex-Ireland striker, is readily viewed as being among the Anfield side’s greatest ever strikers, having scored 60 goals across the 1987-88 and 88-89 seasons for the Reds.

Throw in a distinguished international career, playing 69 times for Ireland and scoring 19 goals in the process, the 65-year-old’s name still commands instant respect among a footballing community he graced for the best part of two decades.

Among a select batch of forwards to notch over 300 league goals, Aldridge was invited to the college by the Deputy Principal, Ms Fiona Mulholland, as part of the school’s ongoing commitment to expose students to role models who can offer valuable insights beyond the classroom.

The Liverpool legend began the interview with Ms Mulholland by recounting his own journey, emphasising the challenges he faced, and the dedication required to reach the pinnacle of his profession. Aldridge's engaging storytelling and down-to-earth demeanour quickly endeared him to his captivated audience.

During the interactive questions and answers session, students had the opportunity to ask Aldridge about his career highlights, memorable moments and the mindset required to overcome setbacks.

His responses provided not only a glimpse into the world of professional sports but also offered valuable life lessons applicable to various fields.

Both the college’s principal and deputy principal expressed their gratitude for Aldridge's visit, highlighting the positive impact such interactions can have on students.

“John's presence was truly inspiring. His journey, both on and off the field, serves as a testament to the power of ambition, resilience, and hard work. John paid tribute to those who helped him along the way: his family, his teammates, and his mentors,” said Ms Mulholland.

The event concluded with Aldridge encouraging the students to set ambitious goals, embrace challenges and never shy away from their passions.

“The visit will undoubtedly be remembered as a day when the core values and Ethos of Inver College – care, community, respect, equality, excellence in education - took centre stage,” she added.

“The Liverpool team player’s visit will serve as a permanent reminder to students that they will never walk alone.”

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