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Our team of English specialists at Inver College offer our students wide varieties of texts to consume, chances to explore their creative sides and develop them into critical thinking, independent you people who are ready for the challenges during and after their time here. Our Junior Cycle course offer a wide variety of prose, poetry and drama that is chosen with our students’ interests in mind and with an aim for them to engage and learn about themselves, as well as the texts. Likewise, our TY and Senior Cycle program not only provides our students with the tools to complete their exams, but the knowledge of literacy which is carried across all subjects and opportunities to utilise these skills in extra-curricular events like Literacy Week and World Book Day – which are rich with competitions, visits from authors and chances to show off their creative flair. English provides us with the key that unlocks how we interpret the world around us, and our English Department treat it with that importance.

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