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Students of French at Inver College are encouraged to speak the language as much as possible from the outset. The classroom is arranged in groups of four to facilitate group-work and collaboration.


A diverse range of teaching methodologies are employed to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning takes place. The pupils are exposed to music, film and other forms of media, to allow them see the language in action. Games such as Kahoot, Blooket, Simon says and others are played regularly. We also engage in 'yoga-lite' through French, within the classroom. 


The junior cycle students are encouraged to produce art pertaining to French culture or language. The whole drive is to marry these two essential aspects of the curriculum, to foster a love of both the language and the culture of France. 


We are fortunate in Inver College to have a French assistant assigned to our French classroom. The assistant is a native French-speaker and an assistant brings a great deal to our French classroom in supporting the teaching and learning taking place.


Inver College is host to French international students. These students and are introduced to each of our year groups. This is yet another fantastic added resource from which the Irish students can learn.


The TY trip to Paris was a great success this year and it is hoped there will be more such in the future. 


An exchange-programme between incoming 1st years and 2nd years is currently being organised. Inver College students will forge positive links prospective pen-pals in France. This will enhance and help learning for the written component of the examination.

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