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Subject Teacher: Ms. McGovern

Music is studied in all year groups from Junior Cycle, Transition Year, LCA to Leaving Certificate. Music provides an opportunity for students to build their knowledge and confidence through music performance and theory.

STUDENT SAMPLING: Music is sampled in September of first year where all students have the opportunity to explore music through listening to different genres and styles and participating in classroom performance. All TY students get the opportunity to sample music for a 7-8 week rotation. Here students learn about what’s required for Leaving Certificate music and an emphasis is placed on performance.


Students study music at a common level. There are two elements to the exam. A listening / written paper were students answer questions on music theory and then the practical exam where students perform 3 pieces and an unprepared test. The practical exam is 30% of the overall grade.

CBA 1: Composition Portfolio (2nd Year)

CBA 2: Programme Note (3rd Year)


Students who did not study Music at Junior Cycle have the opportunity to study it for Senior Cycle. The student must be willing to perform on a chosen instrument or sing four or six pieces plus completing a music technology element. Students will learn how to use Musescore which is computer software used to compile and print sheet music. The music practical is 50% of the overall grade



Emphasis is put on classroom performance and students have the opportunity to perform at Lunchtime concerts during the year and also in the School Musical.



There are many opportunities for students who study music to Leaving Certificate. These include: music teacher, performing arts, music technician, music therapy, sound engineer, composer, music production, music journalism, film studies, digital media, music marketing.

A lot of Inver College students have pursued careers in music teaching, film studies and dance performance over the years.

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